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MOOC / FrontRunner productions Mr. Jan van den Hogen, MSc MRICS SVM, is the master controller and editor for this website.
Mr. van den Hogen is a real estate professional for over 30 years. An outstanding career in managing portfolios, specifically in the field of activity developing and managing logistics and light-industrial housing.
He is currently occupied with Sparkassen Finanzgruppe / DekaBank.

MOOC/SPOC productions

The main goal of this website (see the "MOOC/SPOC" button), is to provide the visitor with MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and SPOC (Small Private Online Courses).
Sociëteit Vastgoed As of the midst of 2018 the development of MOOC/SPOC takes place by FrontRunner Productions, and consecutively this content will fill the MOOC/SPOC section of the website.
Part of the MOOC/SPOC will be free accessible, another part will be developed in collaboration with other real estate business partners, the most important one being the "Sociëteit Vastgoed", a networking institution firmly based in the Dutch real estate environment.

FREM Facility & Real Estate Management Master program

Saxion Universtiy of Applied Sciences Next to his daily business, Mr. van den Hogen supports the module Strategic Building Management in the FREM (Facility and Real Estate Management) MSc educational program, as offered by the Saxion University of Applied Sciences Deventer, the Netherlands.
The Saxion University maintains a close collaboration with the University of Greenwich (London based), in keeping the Master program on an appropriate up to date and very high academic level.
This website provides his students with a lot of additional learning materials (see the "Saxion" button).

Logistics / Light-Industrial knowledge center

Due to his daily business Mr. van den Hogen has in-depth information and knowledge in the field of logistics/light-industrial housing.
This knowledge is freely shared under the button "Logistics". You will find a lot of specific articles, white papers and academic documentation on logistics housing in this section of the website.

Articles on various sections

Articles on several real estate related topics, in the Dutch, English or German language, can be found in the "Articles" section. Also free accessible and free to use at your own convenience.

Your help is highly appreciated

You're encouraged to help expanding this website. As you can imagine it takes a lot of time to keep this website up and running, so if you have useful input on articles, papers or whatever you want to share, send us an e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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